Due to the many styles of garments and various methods of construction used in clothing manufacture prices do vary.  I can only give an accurate quote on viewing it.  However here are the most popular alteration requests and a price guide...

  Price Guide

Shortening Trousers

Top stitched £7.00
With blind hem (machined) £8.00
With hand stitched blind hem (best for fine fabrics for a superior finish) £8.50
Jeans with matching thread £8.50
Jeans with original finish hem £10.00
With turn ups £9.50
With kick-tape (half leg)                                                         £9.00
With kick-tape (full leg) £10.00
Lengthening using existing hem or tape £8.00

Taking in Trousers/Jeans

With waistband £12.50
With facing £9.00
Tapering hips and legs £9.00
Taking in Jeans waistband (up to 3cm for best results) £12.00
Take in/let out waist & seat on mens suit trousers £7.00

Shortening Skirts & Dresses

Unlined & non flared £7.50
Unlined & flared £9.50
Lined & non flared £10.00
Lined & flared £15.00
Very fine fabrics e.g. chiffon, silk or with vents Extra fee
Jersey/knit hemmed with stretchy coverstitching £8.00
With vent +£2.00
Taking in skirts- prices vary depending on linings, position of zips & elastic etc £8.00-£12.00

Jackets,Coats & Shirts

Unlined sleeves shortened £8.00
Lined sleeves shortened £12.00
Lined Jacket sleeves with vents and buttons£16.00
Shirt sleeves with plackets and cuffs shortened (including moving plackets) £15.00
Sleeves lengthened £8.00-£12.00
Sleeves shortened/lengthened with cuffs +£5.00
Lined jacket/coat with vent shortened £20.00-£30.00
Unlined jacket/coat shortened with vent shortened £15.00
Lined jacket/coat shortened £16.50
Jersey T-shirt shortened £8.00

Replacing Zips 

Jeans £10.00
Trousers £9.00
Skirt £9.00
Dress £10.50
Concealed zip in dress £12.50
Jacket or coat £15.00-£25.00
Overalls (with two-way chunky zip) £10.00-12.50

Curtain Alterations  

Per 30cm width (1 foot)
Unlined £1.60
Lined £1.80
Velvet £2.00
Lined & velvet £2.10
With eyelet or hand pleated headings £2.30
Net curtaining £1.50

Express Service

Within 24 hours +20% extra fee
Completed within the same day+50% extra fee